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If Life Has Taken a Toll on You -
It Could Be Your Hormones

Did you used to have a lot more energy? Maybe you could get a good night's sleep, or were more easy going and positive about life. And sex was, well, a lot better. What happened?

Many of us figure we're getting old. Or, maybe there was an event that took something out of you - an illness, or a new baby. After that, you were never the same.

Are you a person who knows something has gone wrong with your health, but no one can tell you what it is or how to get healthy again?

If you don't feel like yourself - if you feel depleted and can't catch up - it is very possible that your hormones are out of balance.

Depression, anxiety, mood swings, mental fog are common symptoms of deficient or imbalanced hormones.

Estrogen, progesterone and testosterone (the main female and male hormones) have powerful effects on the brain and the body.

Thyroid hormone is a key regulator of body and mind, and low thyroid function is more common than conventional tests can show.

If your adrenal glands are not healthy, you will have many emotional and mental symptoms in addition to body discomforts.

And low or high neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine cause fatigue, anxiety and depression.


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  Dr. Margaret Gedde, MD, PhD
Gedde Whole Health, LLC

Mailing Address:
1380-105 Farnham Point
Colorado Springs, CO USA 80904

Phone & Fax: (877) 237-8571

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